Quilt Designers' Remix Challenge 2022 - February

Quilt Designers' Remix Challenge 2022 - February

Commonly observed in visual arts, architecture and design, art deco first became popular around World War 1 in France. Then, it was the epitome of luxury, glamour and beautiful craftsmanship.

Today, this timeless style still reflects these same aspirational qualities largely defined by five major design elements: geometric shapes, black and white, polished metal, mirrors and shine.

Incorporating these elements into a design infuses a space with old-world elegance and allure.

 - Bridget Greenlee, The Tile Shop Blog


It's the last day of February...time to reveal this month’s Quilt Designers' Remix Challenge which is all about mosaic design.

To gather inspiration, I Googled “mosaic design” and fell in love with these flooring and rug designs:

Don’t they feel sophisticated and classy?

Without hesitation, I knew I wanted to recreate that style in my quilt design.

I did a little research to find colors that mimic the black and white and gold that so perfectly reflect the glitz and the glamour of the gilded age…the Roaring ‘20s:


Color palette in hand, I hit the quilt stores, and found an exquisite selection of prints, solids, and patterns that I’ll use throughout this challenge and to make a quilt that I’m calling “Gilded.”

From that collection, I pulled these four for this month's block:

Moda Bella Solids in Porcelain

Moda Bella Solids Ruby Ice

Moda Bella Solids in Prune

Moda Whispers Metallics in Gold Trellis


February Assignment: 7x7 Mosaic


The only instructions we were given this month were to create a mosaic-style design on a 7-row by 7-column grid. That’s a lot of blank canvas to work with and an unlimited of options!


The Remix


I played with the tile layouts from those mosaic flooring photos and ended up with this layout:


The pattern is very simple with 49, 2-inch squares.



That simplicity creates marvelous crispness that I find very alluring.


It's also the perfect block for chain piecing, so the sewing is quick and simple.

By pressing the seams in one direction on rows 1, 3, 5, and 7, and then pressing the seams the opposite direction on rows 2, 4, and 6, they alternate at every single joint. That makes for a nice, flat block with [near] perfect points. I really like it when that happens!


And I really like this block...


I'm "sew" happy to have jumped into this project, and I am already eager to show you my remix for March.

You can follow my weekly progress over on Instagram, and I’ll share a full write-up here on the blog to wrap up at the end of each month.

Until then, stay safe and sew happy!

With love and hugs,

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