40 Days of Baking

40 Days of Baking

The more I practice, the luckier I get.

- Gary Player


I’m fairly sure I’ve lost my mind.

On a list of all the people you know who DO NOT need to jump off a cliff into new terrain, I should be the very top name.


But here we are…

Here I am…

Jumping off with both feet…and feeling pretty excited about the free fall.


Day Zero


I like— no, I LOVE shiny new objects. They catch the sun and twirl in the breeze. They call my name, and they inspire explosions of ideas and images and what-ifs in my head. They are not to be ignored.


So, of course, once I made the decision to go for it, to do this experiment, I could think of nothing else.


I’ve devised a Great Baking Show-esque format for my next 40 days, complete with ten baking themes, three bakes for each theme, and even a signature element to carry me through to the final day.


I hope you’ll hang around, see how the recipes turn out, and ultimately, help me decide if I should go for it and complete my application for the Great American Baking Show.


Tomorrow begins the recipe planning ~ see you then!

With love and hugs,


PS: Just to get the oven warmed up, I started this baking journey with a can of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls straight from the fridge — not GABS-worthy, but warm, sweet, and delicious none-the-less 💖


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