GiGi's Pickled Peaches

A treasured and cherished recipe passed down from my grandmother, these spiced peaches will be a big hit with your family and friends!

Aunt Kay's Peach Tea

This is literally the easiest recipe in the world, yet it is crazy good! You'll want to keep these 2 simple ingredients in the pantry like I do, so you can make a pitcher of Aunt Kay's Peach Tea anytime.

The Gazette

As a reasonably intelligent, well-educated human, monthly business taxes should NOT be this difficult!!

Fix it, or leave it?

Help!! I'm stuck in a quagmire of analysis paralysis. Is it better to reach for perfection? Or is it okay to claim that good is good enough? I just don't know.

Time is Not My Friend

A fellow writer told me about this app this morning, and I'm excited (and a little anxious) to give it a try. We were discussing how difficult it is to write when so many other tasks/chores/worries/responsibilities are taking up space and emotional bandwidth in our lives. The concept is to "Write Every Day" to unload those concerns, thus freeing my mind to focus on my creative writing — my novels 💖 I'm not sure I'll share what I write in the app every day (some days might feel too personal), but I'm going to give it a try. Perhaps it'll encourage others to give themselves grace to let go of a little stress, too.

Quilt #2: Logan Cade

In my 24 years of quilting, I have made many football quilts, I have made many baby quilts, and I have made many football, baby quilts.

They all began with Quilt #2: Logan Cade…

Just like movies, romance novels can be rated according to content.

But unlike film ratings, there does not exist a standardized scale or system establishing how hot is hot 🔥

I like to say my love stories have sizzle but no sex...they're unique.

Halftime Parfaits

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