Quilt #47: Jazzy TU

Recipes that are delicious, filling, and easy to throw together were a necessity when our kids were busy with after-school practices, ballgames, and activities. This chicken and pasta dish is a go-to dinner for my crew, and it's one I think your family will enjoy, too!

In researching this month's Quilt Designers' Remix Challenge block, I fell wayyyy down a fascinating rabbit hole reading and learning all about Route 66.

I was especially intrigued by the history of this famous highway connecting Chicago to Los Angeles because I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma which was prominent in establishing the road, was a popular stop along Route 66, and continues to celebrate it today...

Quick Peach Cobbler

When the grocery store was completely out of frozen cobblers, this quick and easy peach cobbler recipe started out as desperation but ended up as exaltation!
Before I began making quilts, I was given a beautiful wedding ring quilt for my own wedding from my Grandma Syble. Here is the story of that gift ❤️
It's month 2 in the 2022 Quilt Designers' Remix Challenge, and February's assignment is to create a 7x7 mosaic block pattern. I love the glamour of my Art Deco, Roaring Twenties-inspired block!

Nana's Chicken Spaghetti

When Coach and I married in 1995, my mother-in-law filled out a stack of recipe cards with his favorite dishes. Her chicken spaghetti was in that group of recipes, and it's one that I've made over and over with great results every time.

Sweetheart Salad

Sweetheart Salad is one of my “always keep the ingredients on hand” recipes because it goes really well with any meal. Served as a salad or as a dessert, this one is always a big hit!

Sweet & Salty Pretzel Bites

These sweet and salty snacks might be the easiest treats I've ever made!

Mexican Cheese Soup

This slow cooker soup recipe is hearty and flavorful and so easy to throw together that you don't even need to drain the beans and veggies!

Quilt #1: Momma's Hands

Quilt #1 is called Momma's is the first quilt I made and the only one I've made without a sewing machine. Every stage of it was done by hand. My hands. Momma's hands 💛

Anita's Almond Bark Popcorn

Looking for an easy and amazing gift to give? This two-ingredient covered popcorn recipe is light and sweet, quick to create, and looks fabulous in a jar, a box, a holiday tin, or a clear bag with a bow on top.
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