Anita's Almond Bark Popcorn

Anita's Almond Bark Popcorn

Of course life is bizarre, the more bizarre it gets, the more interesting it is. The only way to approach it is to make yourself some popcorn and enjoy the show.

- David Gerrold


This amazing “chocolate” covered popcorn is my go-to edible gift!

A sweet friend and fellow coach’s wife taught me this recipe many years ago – the fact that I made it for every PTA luncheon and tons of teacher gifts while my kids were in school and now use it for goodie bags and team snacks speaks to how totally wonderful this treat tastes – and how easy it is to make!


  1. 1 Package White Almond Bark Chocolate Coating (24 oz.)
  2. 3 Bags Natural Microwave Popcorn (Regular sized, not Mini Bags, and Lightly Salted is OK if that’s all you can find at your local store)
  3. Wax Paper, torn in 3 long strips for letting Almond Bark Coating dry


  • Pop all three bags of popcorn according to your microwave settings and power.  When popped, open the bags, and let the popcorn cool completely.  Put one bag of popcorn in a large bowl to mix first.  I go through the following steps three times so that my mixing bowl doesn’t get so full that I can’t stir.
  • Melt 2 or 3 Almond Bark blocks in a microwave safe bowl by heating 30 seconds, stirring, and heating another 30 seconds, stirring…repeating until melted.  The blocks will fool you by holding their form even when soft, so be careful not to burn it (I know this from experience).
  • When coating is pourable, drizzle it over the cooled popcorn in the mixing bowl.  Stir until the coating is spread evenly and the popcorn is well-covered.
  • Spread the chocolate covered popcorn onto a strip of wax paper to dry completely.  At this point, I always try to take out as many kernels as possible so that my gift recipients don’t break a tooth.
  • After the coating is dry, re-break the popcorn chunks into small, bite-sized bits.  
  • Package your popcorn. There are many super cute ways: in a seasonal bowl, holiday tins, treat bags with a colorful ribbon, or a glass hurricane with a huge bow tied at the base.


With love and hugs,

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