Peach Cobbler Baked in a Yellow Dish

Quick Peach Cobbler

There is little in life that could not benefit from a little love, a little time, and a stick of butter.

- Unknown


Amen to that!

When life gets hectic, I find peace and balance by hitting the pause button, taking a break and a deep breath, and doing something I love.

Like quilting, reading, writing, or baking.

I accidentally created this quick and easy cobbler recipe when the grocery store was completely sold out of the quicker and even-easier frozen cobblers that come in a box and are almost always fool-proof.

I was determined, though, to serve hot peach cobbler with cold vanilla ice cream to my Mah Jongg group that particular night, so I grabbed what I thought might work, threw it together, and crossed my fingers.

What came out of the oven was incredible, so I had to share 🍑

Try the recipe below and let me know what you think!

With love and hugs,


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