Time is Not My Friend

Time is Not My Friend

Time and tide wait for no man.

- Geoffrey Chaucer


Too much to do and not enough time makes me want to climb in bed and not do any of it. I HAVE to finish editing Book 3 and get the print copies ordered. Like TODAY!! And I have to get orders out. Like YESTERDAY!! And I have to get the taxes caught up from the past three months. Like 3 months ago. And I have to get the new taxes gathered and turned in before I can pack the office. And I have to pack the whole house because I need to clean out as I go. So much to clean out! I'm not sure how I piled so much junk into this house over the past 8 years :(

But when I look through what I have too much of, I see basic categories which make up the chapters of my life: books, scrapbooking supplies and the memorabilia I want to put into scrapbooks, fabric and quilting materials, Lucey, clothes, and dishes/kitchen stuff. When I analyze it that way, I don't have anything I want to throw in the trash. So the vicious cycle continues :(

The House of Color style class on Monday will help me with the clothes. Using my "wow colors" and my preferred style will be a great guide to sort and donate. I only wish my weight and size was more in line with where I want it to be. No clothes look good on me when I'm so far beyond the natural size God intended for me to be. I thought being home alone and not cooking would help; I truly believed the weight would simply fall off with the stress I'm feeling and lack of eating I'm practicing. But no, I still manage to gain a pound every few days :(

Working out would help. It would also make my knee feel better, which has really started to hurt these past few weeks. But there again, I need more time in the day. Sadly, I tell myself that once I get us packed...once I get us moved...once I get everything unpacked...once I get the new house organized...once I finish decorating...once I get caught up...once I get the workout space finished in the new garage...THEN I'll feel free to spend time working out.

Then I recognize that I'll never get all that done. I'll never have a completely DONE to-do list; the hamster wheel never stops. And that's when I want to climb back into bed :(

Too many sad faces for someone who's so blessed.

I have the most amazing life: my perfect husband, two unbelievably wonderful kids, an amazing family, a writing career I've dreamed of for decades, a passionate cause, and hobbies I enjoy. We're moving from one beautiful house to another stunning home. My husband provides for me, our kids, and our extended family in such a way that he encourages me to simply focus on what makes me happy. And I am happy!

I just feel overwhelmed at the exact same time.

But they say the only way through is to do it. And this is my designated writing time, so instead of rambling my woes, I'm getting to work on that first item on today's list: one last pass of edits on Book 3 so I can finally get the print copies approved, ordered, and shipped out to fulfill orders. Let's do it!

Here's to a great day 💛

Love and hugs,

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