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Book 2

In the Trenches

In the Trenches
In the Trenches
In the Trenches
In the Trenches
In the Trenches
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Book 2

In the Trenches

He lives in the spotlight. She hides in the shadows. With secrets and a spark between them, can they escape to forever?

Max Davenport craves a break from the press. Constantly on the run from paparazzi and over-enthusiastic women, the football star takes to the small town of Green Hills to embrace a simpler lifestyle with his sister. But his pulse unexpectedly quickens when he discovers his sibling’s usually frumpy-dressed friend swimming in his backyard pool…opening his eyes to her breathtaking beauty.

Janie Lyn needs to stay under the radar. Desperate to remain hidden for reasons she dare not reveal, she’s thrown when her private crush suddenly shows more than a passing interest. Struggling to resist temptation, she’s terrified to risk her dark secret being exposed in his limelight.

As Max’s attempts to persuade Janie Lyn to be seen out and about with him continuously fail, he fears that their relationship won’t survive her steadfast hesitancy. And when Janie Lyn finally opens up about what she’s dodging, her dangerous past threatens to put both their lives on the line.

Can the couple step into the public eye and still find their happily ever after?

In the Trenches is the gripping second book in the wholesome Green Hills romance series. If you like well-drawn characters, deep attractions, and thoughtful settings, then you’ll adore Virginia’dele Smith’s heartwarming tale.

Leave drama behind with In the Trenches today!


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What Readers Are Saying

Shari O.

“Authentic, relatable characters...a captivating story that delves into real human emotions.”

Nia Q.

“I really enjoyed Grocery Girl; Rhys and Maree's story is very compelling and sweet, and the character development was fabulous…”

Lenora J.

"Read prior to recommending to my book club - it was great. Waiting anxiously for the next book."

Kathy R.

The book was very well written.  The dialogue and character development were both excellent.  It was fun to have the southern accent highlighted from time to time without making the reader wade through the accented words all the time.  The Christian themes were well done and not preachy.  

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