In researching this month's Quilt Designers' Remix Challenge block, I fell wayyyy down a fascinating rabbit hole reading and learning all about Route 66.

I was especially intrigued by the history of this famous highway connecting Chicago to Los Angeles because I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma which was prominent in establishing the road, was a popular stop along Route 66, and continues to celebrate it today...

Before I began making quilts, I was given a beautiful wedding ring quilt for my own wedding from my Grandma Syble. Here is the story of that gift ❤️
It's month 2 in the 2022 Quilt Designers' Remix Challenge, and February's assignment is to create a 7x7 mosaic block pattern. I love the glamour of my Art Deco, Roaring Twenties-inspired block!

Quilt #1: Momma's Hands

Quilt #1 is called Momma's is the first quilt I made and the only one I've made without a sewing machine. Every stage of it was done by hand. My hands. Momma's hands 💛

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