Just like movies, romance novels can be rated according to content.

But unlike film ratings, there does not exist a standardized scale or system establishing how hot is hot 🔥

I like to say my love stories have sizzle but no sex...they're unique.

Summertime is all about hot days, splashing in the pool, going purple to #ENDALZ, and spending time with family. The start to this summer has been an especially busy few weeks, but wonderful nonetheless!

Top Gun: A Love Story

I'd argue that Top Gun is a love story, and that it's such a classic! When my family saw the sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, this week, we were not disappointed. In fact we loved it, and you will, too ❤️🤍💙

Holiday Book Bargains

I do believe that books are magic.

Do you know what else is magical? The winter holidays.

It’s true: winter, holidays, and books all go together like soft bread, rich peanut butter, and sweet jelly. They are fortifying, delicious, and good for the soul!

🎉 New Release: Grocery Girl is Book 1 in the Green Hills series of heartfelt and wholesome, small-town romance novels by début author Virginia'dele Smith 🎉

Book 1: Grocery Girl

I hope you enjoy getting to know Maree and Rhys; I think you will feel empathy for their losses and excitement for their wins. 

My Identity Crisis

I began as and then I had a bit of an identity crisis. It was a good one, to be sure, but a moment of crisis, nonetheless.

Welcome Back

Ten years ago, I launched a blog to share my thoughts, feelings, and favorite things with the world. I’m not actually a blog reader myself, so I didn’t expect anyone to notice or follow it. 

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